Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Eliminates prostate cancer, impotency and makes Mama happy

For only $14.99 is there any way to go wrong when something is so right?  Using this or any of the hundreds of similar items on this order on a regular basis ( daily or three times a week) has been shown to actually Elimate prostate cancer, impotentcy and enhance drive, stamina and size.  It is truely a win win for eveyone that is invovled.  Check out this and the 255,000 other items at for the Best deals possible to make everyones life a bit easier.   Potent Developer For Men

Saturday, September 22, 2012

White Wedding Kit

The perfect wedding gift for the couple that has it all!  The white wedding kit from Passion by will say I do to Romance!!  They will have everything they need for special nights of Passion and long lasting lovemaking!  From vibrators and sleeves to coupons and ticklers, this kit has it all.  Roll the dice, they are sure to get lucky every single time!!  The possibilities are endless and so is your commitment to passion and pleasure and a happy bedroom makes a happy marriage!!  Start the newly weds on the right track today with the White Wedding Kit for only $50.99

White Wedding Kit

Tongue Teaser Purple

Add Zipp to your relationship with a slip of a tongue ;-)

Use this tongue on your tongue or finger to send your partner a message they are sure to recieve with Pleasure and Passion!!

Yours for just $5.99
Tongue Teaser

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Euro Pump

This European inspired pump will give you longer, harder, thicker erections than ever before.  These have been found to overcome systems of impotence as well as increasing the length and girth of your penis.  How very impressive this inexpensive and handy tool is!  Get yours today at Passion by you can purchase this and have it discreetly mailed to your door for only $12.99 - WOW now that is impressive!!
 Euro Pump

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Door Swing

Door Swing

This is easy to use, fully adjustable harness that uses any door to provide easy access to your partners most intimate areas.  For the Low price of only $39.99 you will experience new and exciting options for your sexual pleasure.  Add excitement to your present relationship by bringing home this fun twist to the relationship.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Indulge your sex life to new heights

Come over to Passion by and find everything you are looking for and so much more.  Add new life to any relationship and send it off to new sexual heights. 

Try out this Body Swing for example. This will be the best thing since apple pie to bring new life to your relationship!  You can also take it with you on trips, pinics or anywhere.  Make it an adventure to be cherished.  Imagine Indulging in a nice picnic in the woods and having the fantasy sex of a life time because you brought this swing.  You will have greater ability to strive for the orgasmic dream because you need not support yourself much less your patrtner - the swing will do this for you.  Try it - I promise it WORKS so go ahead and INDULGE today.  You will be thrilled you did.

Body Swing
Self supported sex swing, features soft and padded stirrups, ballistic weave nylon straps, fully adjustable height, holds up to 400lbs. Highlights include: First of it`s kind, Convenient for travel, highest quality materials, easy to use, double padded and NO assembly required.
In Stock

List price: $118.22
Our price: $71.99
Passion by - Indulge yourself